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Office fads that are currentOffice fads that are current

Office fads that are currentOffice fads that are current

Some people find them a little tacky, some see them as a great way to inject some fun into the workplace, but office fads appear to be a modern phenomenon that will endure for the foreseeable future. Below are another five that are currently doing the rounds.

Indoor grass

Trying to bring a touch of nature to the office, faux grass has been appearing on mouse mats and office desktops for some time now. A sod of astro turf will supposedly give workers a sense of nature and evoke visions of the great outdoors. Just how effective it is on productivity remains to be seen…

Sleep pods

On the surface, having a place for employees to catch a quick power nap seems to be a good idea. Tiredness will ultimately lead to sloppy work, so having a solution seems appropriate. Whether they catch on is another matter.  Some employers are finding a break out area where the lights can be lowered, blankets and cushions are provided and Used Pallet Racking on the floor found at sites including https://www.rackzone.ie/pre-owned/racking with mattresses on top.  They will have a thirty minute timer to get in a quick power nap.

Mobile meeting rooms

A novelty that has appeared in some workplaces that are a little pushed for space, these involve throwing up an extra partition wall, or having a divider on wheels to create a pop up meeting room. The major drawback is that it requires considerable space to manoeuvre such structures into position.

Exercise balls

Possibly more novelty office furniture, possibly a legitimate orthopaedic solution to the postural problems brought on by long periods of sitting at a desk, these large inflatable balls offer a degree of comfort and discourage slouching. However, the pink and lime green colours they come in may not match the office decor. It might be more advisable to source ergonomic furniture.


Everybody loves hammocks. A naval mainstay for centuries, they offer comfort, a chance to grab some sleep and easy storage. It’s easy to understand the appeal of slinging them up all over the office, but it will give the distinct impression of being part of the Spanish Armada, which may make it hard to take people seriously during board meetings.

So there we have it. Office fads like these may have their place in the mega corporations of Silicon Valley, but may not work quite so well in a small paper merchants in Slough. Remember the old phrase that goes something like ‘if it ain’t broke….’.

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